My Review of the Audi RS5

Introduction: As of June 2017, the RS 5 is available at the dealership;

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Audi is launching the new RS 5 with six instead of eight cylinders so far. The Ingolstädter speak with the coupé of the first sports model with current form language. For this, the front of the top model gets large air intakes and a wider and flatter radiator grille. At the rear the RS 5 carries the typical oval tailpipes. With 1655 kilograms, the new coupé weighs about 60 kilograms less than its predecessor. At 4.72 meters, the RS 5 is seven centimeters longer than the outgoing A5 top model. The main competitors of the Audi RS 5 will, of course, remain the BMW M4, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé and the Lexus RC F. The 450 bhp strong RS 5 will be available for at least 80,900 Euro from the Audi dealer in June 2017 and will be around 2000 Euro more expensive than its predecessor , In terms of performance and price, the Ingolstädter are strongly oriented on the BMW M4 Coupé (431 hp, from 80,600 euros with DKG). The 476 HP strong Benz is available from 77,826 euros, while the Lexus RC F with 477 HP for at least 75,900 euros is to be had.

Interior: Alcantara steering wheel only in RS design package

Porsche power for the RS 5
Alcantara steering wheel and red seams cost extra, but look good!
Whoever opens the door is greeted by an RS 5 entry bar, which radiates the carbon side skirts. In general, Audi will be offering this RS 5 a whole load of carbon if desired. Inside, the precious material is combined with plentiful leather and Alcantara. For the A5 top model, there are comfortable and leathered RS sports seats, optionally with honeycomb stitching. We already know this design from other RS ​​models, such as the RS 3. The RS design package is especially recommended: the Ingolstädter, which is still somewhat misshaped, and the flattened sports steering wheel come from the factory with a grippy Alcantara. Alcantara is, however, deprived of the roof. Small surfaces of the door panels are lined with microfibre. Red seams on seats, door panels and dashboard provide a color space in the dark interior. The red safety belts promised by Audi are unfortunately not red, but have a red seam. The processing of the cockpit is Audi-typically faultless. The space offer and the cockpit architecture correspond to the normal A5 Coupé.

Driving: It pushes like a D-train

AUTO BILD has already driven the new Audi RS 5! The new engine (V6 with two turbochargers, 450 hp) provides spontaneous response and plenty of torque: 600 newton meters are available from 1900 up to 5000 rpm. The Turbo-RS 5 now pushes forward as a D-train. The coupé now reaches the mark of 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. The predecessor needed half a second longer. Audi’s consumption is 8.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The reality looks different, as with almost all turbos. The real value should hardly be below the ten-liter mark. If you press the right foot forcefully on the tube, which should be synonymous clear.

But a high-performance coupé like the RS 5 buys is not to spare fuel, but to have fun. And there is no such thing as this Audi. Finally, Audi has also worked hard on the chassis. A center differential distributes the force of the V6 across the two axes. Together with the four-wheel drive, this results in an impressive driving behavior. Even brachial acceleration does not keep the RS 5 from the rest. If the three-stage stability program ESC is pressurized, it drifts around the corner. And in fast corners, the wheels are electronically accelerated externally and braked inside, which means that the maximum cornering speed can be increased noticeably.

Designed as a Coupé, the RS 5 also wants to give the Gran Turismo. This means a generous amount of space at the front, still plenty of air in the rear and 465 liters for luggage in the trunk. In terms of everyday comfort you have trained the most sporty A5 good manners. Even the seats are a good compromise – while sporty and side-led, but still comfortable. And also as a turbo, it is the perfect means for the gaming of big girls and guys. Only the appropriate small money and sufficient time should be available.

Equipment: Carbondach for an extra charge
The RS-Optics with large air intakes, oval tailpipes and 19-inch wheels are of course the RS 5 ex factory. Quattro and Achtgang-Tiptronic are also always on board. The standard RS sports suspension is also available on request with Dynamic Ride Control. Audi Matrix LED headlights, 20-inch, ceramic brake and a sports differential are available at a surcharge. If you do not want to be braked by the electronics at 250 km / h, the RS dynamics package is crossed: the RS runs at 280 km / h. For an independent look Audi has different packages in the program. Depending on the taste, the RS 5 owner can choose between black gloss, carbon or aluminum. Exclusively for the RS 5 Audi has the varnishing in Sonomagrün on the offer. Also new is the optional carbondach, which is already available at BMW since the M3 CSL from the year 2003.

Connectivity: Infotainment comes from the A5
Connectivity is taken from the A5 and includes MMI plus with surcharge MMI touch. The SIM card installed permanently in the car is online with LTE speed online throughout Europe. Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay and Android car are just as against surcharge on board as head-up display and a total of 30 ride assistance systems.

Engine: Six-cylinder biturbo instead of V8 vacuum cleaner
Take eight out of eight! Instead of a V8 vacuum cleaner works in the new RS 5 a 2.9-liter six-cylinder. The power remains at 450 hp. The torque increases from 430 Nm to 600 Nm with the new RS 5. The turbochargers mount the Audi technicians between the cylinder banks, similar to the Mercedes-AMG in the four-liter biturbo. Experts speak of a “hot V”. There is no choice in the transmission and the drive system: the Audi RS 5 is only available with an eight-speed Tiptronic and a quattro drive.

Technical data and price: The power remains at 450 hp

Audi RS 5 • Engine: V6-Biturbo • Displacement: 2.9-liter • Power: 331 kW (450 hp) • Max. Torque: 600 Nm at 1900 to 5000 rpm • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 3.9 s • Topspeed: 250 km / h (optional 280 km / h) • Weight: 1655 kg • Fuel consumption: 8.7 l / 100 km • Price: from 80.900 euros.

Used car: RS 5 from about 30,000 euros

Porsche power for the RS 5
The predecessor came on the market in 2010 and got a facelift in 2012. The power: 450 hp from a V8 vacuum cleaner.

The first generation of the Audi RS 5 came on the market in 2010, the Facelift was already pushed forward in 2012. The RS 5 is powered by a high-speed V8 vacuum cleaner with 450 hp. The power transmission always takes a Siebengang S-tronic, also Quattro is series with the RS 5. Early 2010er models are available from about 30,000 euros, the mileage is often six-digit. For about 40,000 euros there are well-maintained 2011er models with good equipment from the dealer. Facelift-RS 5 from 2013 is available from a good 45,000 euros. The Audi RS 5 has no special weak points. Every now and then, the LED taillights are leaking and the leather seats wear more quickly than usual on individual vehicles. The fuel consumption of the V8 vacuum cleaner is high!

Overview: Used Audi RS5

The cockpit of the new Audi RS 5 is subtly sporty. Make sure to order the RS-design package, as only the Alcantara steering wheel is flattering your hands. The processing is first-class Audi! to know more I’d suggest Nirro Ltd as Nirro specialize in Audi, Nirro  LTD is the place to go at